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Air Conditioning Repair Services

The expert HVAC repair service you need should not be limited to specific heating, ventilation, and air conditions issues. Here, we offer HVAC service to a wide array of equipment makes and models. Air Conditioning  Tamarac’s highly trained, skilled, and experienced HVAC technicians can provide repair, maintenance, and new installation service that can keep your home comfortable to live with all year round. We can also handle your entire indoor air quality needs, making your breathing easy each day.

Our Expert Services

In this fast paced world, the reliability of HVAC equipment is critical not only for businesses, but also to residential homes. Air Conditioning  Tamarac highly appreciates the trust given to us by our customers in all our service areas for their HVAC unit repairs. You’re given with confidence that every repair performed by our technician is carried out correctly and promptly the first time. This allows you to enjoy the reliability of our service and at the same time decrease the risk of downtime in the future.

Knowledgeable Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning repair(HVAC) technicians will inspect and troubleshoot your equipment using the right tools and information derived from their previous experienced with clients. Aside from performing the necessary repair, your HVAC technician will identify the potential areas of unreliability and weaknesses of your system and perform the necessary repairs, so that future downtime is prevented. The HVAC repair service you will receive is based on the proprietary processes born of the company’s expertise as the expert in the industry.

  • Residential Services

    – As a full time heating and cooling repair company, we offer a variety of residential HVAC repair services to our residential clients. We can help top keep your home warm and cozy during winter and cool during summer, and comfortable in between. Residential services we offer include, but not limited to air conditioning repair, new installation, and maintenance. We service the following equipment.

  • Commercial Services

    – We can bring fast, competent, and efficient commercial heating and cooling service that can help keep your business moving at a steady pace without the costly and time-consuming interruptions. Out dedicated team of commercial heating and cooling technicians can handle any kind of business related air cooling or heating service. We can take the burden off your shoulders and let your focus on the things you need to accomplish on the day to day operation of your business.

Our Areas of Expertise

Our expertise has allowed us to provide our clients with the solutions that can meet all their comfort needs. The company is dedicated to quality service and value, while at the same time delivering the lattes technology. We have been in the industry for many years now and have stood the test of time. Over the years, we have other companies come and go, leaving their clients without guarantees and warranties holding false promises. In fact, many have reopened under different brands to repeat the process. Our goal is to deliver better and faster services with greater value than any company. Our areas of expertise include the following.

  • AC Repair and Installation

    – The Company has been established with the goal of helping you (the client) decide which AC system is ideal for you. Together, we can identify the right size, energy efficient, and reliable AC system for your business or home. Also, we offer air conditioning repair service, maintenance, and new installation of all HVAC system makes and models.

  • Heating Repair and New Installation

    – Our expert technicians can provide you with reliable heating repair and installation. It doesn’t matter if your system isn’t working, run all the time, or you just want it to get checked – we are here to help you out with your problems. We are committed to customer satisfaction and offer you with the latest products and technology.

  • Home Energy Audit –

    Do you feel that the cost of your utility bill is getting out of hand? We know that paying high utility bills is too much and we are here to help make your home energy efficient. The company has a specific designated department to audit the energy efficiency or your home or business establishment. We recommend that you contact us and schedule your home energy audit to see exactly how your building is losing and suing energy.

  • Home Insulation

    – Your home is using and losing too much energy as it is not insulated properly, or the current insulation system has worn out. We can provide you with the insulation services that you need from the basement to the attic. The company has the latest materials to fill leaks and at the same time meet the R-value prerequisite for efficiency and comfort.

  • Air Duct Cleaning

    – The reason for air duct cleaning is not for ventilation purposes only. In HVSC systems, air ducts are perfect breeding ground for spores, mold, and other kinds of fungus. When you contact us, we can send a team of certified HVAC system specialists to inspect and clean your air ducts to ensure that your home is a healthy living environment for you and the entire family.

24/365 Emergency Service

Let us guess, your heating and cooling system has probably go out during the coldest or hottest day of the year, and you do not know what to do? You don’t have to worry as the company’s expert technicians can help you. We become the premier heating and cooling company in all our services areas for offering 24/364 emergency HVAC repair service. We have technicians standing by 24/365 for emergency AC repair services our clients need. Not to mention that the entire HVAC repair services we offer are 100% guaranteed, so you’re given with confidence that you can still count on us.

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured in heating and cooling and AC repair, maintenance, and installation or all makes and brands. Probably, this is the reason why our clients call us experts. So, in the event that you have issues with your heating and cooling system, call us and we will fix that issue the first time.

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